Adopt-A-Family-For-Christmas Program
As the holiday season approaches, most of us anticipate the joy of being with family and friends, gift-giving, and a renewed sense of hope and peace. We invite you to help us spread joy and hope this season to some of those in our community who struggle to meet their basic needs. By "adopting" one of our Family Support Network families, you can do just that.
Whom does this help?
Family Support Network assists over 200 families in the Billings area who are at risk for abuse and neglect. We recognize the importance of parents in the lives of their children, and by working with our Family Support Specialists, parents whose children are in foster care gain needed skills to help them be reunited as a family. FSN specialists provide home visits, transportation, referrals, education in budgeting, nutrition, and parenting. These services help families remain safe, healthy, independent, and most importantly, together.
How does it work?
Our Adopt-A-Family for Christmas Program operates anonymously through our Family Support Specialists. Parents work with them to write a "wish list" for a toy and a clothing item for each child, and their Specialist adds something for the parents as well. If you agree to sponsor a family, we will send you a wish list --- you can choose the size of the family --- and you provide the gifts: one toy and clothing item for each child, and one gift for each parent. Then, our Family Support Specialists will deliver the gifts the week before Christmas. For most of our families these may be the only gifts they receive during the holiday season.
How can I help?
Many families and groups in the Billings area have made shopping for an adopted FSN family a cherished holiday tradition. We hope you will join us this year and make it one of yours as well. Please email or call us at (406) 256-7783, and we will send you a family's "wish list". No time to shop? No problem! Just send us your cash donation and we will do the rest for you. Your cash donation will help meet the needs of families throughout the year.
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